Meet Our Team

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Electrical Engineering background, experienced in sales and marketing. Ambassador of adult development of people with disabilities and passionate about socially beneficial careers. He oversees the implementation of the organization’s vision and develops corporate and individual relations.

Tyler J. Szura
founder & CEO
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Preconstruction Director at Rex Moore, with an extensive management and customer relations background of over 30 years. He is tkMomentum’s professional motivator. He monitors the organization’s overall health and helps develop and foster our more influential relationships.

Andrew K. Szura
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Lives with cerebral palsy and understands the challenges people with disabilities face. Kevin is the organizations inspiration and will work alongside Tyler developing corporate and individual relationships. He also oversees the overall increase in quality of life among the disabled individuals at tkMomentum.

Kevin Szura
Community & Disability Outreach
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Socially beneficial with a decade of experience advocating for nonprofits such as the California Youth Advocacy Network, and Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Salvador focuses on creating public engagement outreach and manages communication channels.

Salvador Ramirez
Director of Communications
team member

Eric Dowdy is currently the Executive Vice President of LeadingAge California and has worked there for over 20 years. His extensive nonprofit advocacy work has helped tkMomentum form the partnerships required to succeed. Eric’s passion to provide older adults the necessary resources to thrive at his current occupation, has influenced him to do the same for people with disabilities.

Eric Dowdy
Public & Advocacy Outreach