Social Opportunities


According to our survey, people with disabilities have fewer leisure activities than the general population. An individual's appraisal of his or her self-worth or capability will influence what goals that individual will pursue. Much of what we choose to do and the way we choose to do it depends on our evaluation of ourselves. Individuals with disabilities report lower levels of well-being and life satisfaction than people without disabilities. Like all of us, people with disabilities are on the inside looking out, and want to be included.

tkMomentum's Solution

Thanks to our donors and sponsors, we are able to provide monthly social activities for people with disabilities. These activities include professional sporting events such as football and baseball, art classes such as culinary and painting, etc. We hope through our effort that our participants will feel the strong sense of inclusion of the community and overall improvement of their quality of life, since this is one of the most important values here at tkMomentum, We enjoy seeing people smile with joy.